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It´s always something special to me when a product from my wishlist arrieves at my place. The feeling to know womeone wanted me to have this special product wether it´s for personel or veeery private use gives me of course some happ feelings and sometimes even a special kick. Havin a for example a sextoy in use with you in the camchat makes everything even more special and personel between the two of us.

Of course you can send me a gift of your choice just for the normal day use too. Like a dress, T-Shirt or something else from the list. I´ll wear or use it with thinking of you ;D Isn´t that something special?

I love it!

If you make a short note in amazon and let them pack an extra card with into the package you can write there your username here and I´ll send you a nice picture of me with you presend as a little "Thank you". I just have to know who to send to you know? :D

It is just important that the package will be send via DHL because it will arrive at a packingstation where only DHL has acces to. If it the sign "Prime" is aside the description and if will be send by amazon there is the highest possibility that it will arrive as planned.

So if you like you can now take a closer look onto my wishlist by klicking on the purple picture above. Have fun ;)

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